The elvish race used to be a strong noble race that provided support to their allies on the battlefield. However the constant fighting between the races left the elvish clans in a desperate state. In order to survive they secluded themselves in the forest away form the rest of society. Now a young elvish girl with a big heart finds a wounded human solider. Will she be able to help him without dragging her clan into another war?



Hell Spawns, mages born of this world with the ability to bring forth the wrath of the Underworld upon their enemies. Thought to be extinct, yet one clan has mysteriously survived and given birth to a prodigy with an affinity to demonic magic that has been lost in history. Can she learn to overcome the scars of Hell Spawns before her and help bring peace upon the Kingdom, or will she be the reason for it’s fatal demise...

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An imperial knight is the ultimate symbol of strength. They answer only to the king himself. A title desired by many yet few have the honor or skill needed to achieve their dream. Despite knowing this young Ike practices everyday believing he will be the strongest knight to ever live. However, he will soon realize how weak he really is.