Born in the elvish forest south of the Kingdom, Tera had little knowledge of the human society. The elves in her village always stayed away from the human kingdoms which were constantly at war with one another.

One morning while out looking for fruit she discovered a trail of blood. Thinking that an animal was in need of help she followed the trail to find a wounded soldier. The soldier was passed out covered in dirt and pressed up against the tree with a knife sticking out his side. Tera knew if this man wasn't treated soon he wouldn't make it. Not knowing what else to do Tera put the soldier on her back and began to carry him back to her village.

The other elves in the village told her to just leave him in the woods. Disgusted by her fellow elf's willingness to leave someone to die, she refused and brought the soldier back to her house. Tera used all of the healing herbs and plants she had but, it seemed like it was already too late for the solider. With nothing else working Tara decided to pray to the forest spirits for the power to heal those in need.

There was a surge of wind around Tera's body and a faint warm glow coming from her hands. She began to harness this energy and direct it towards the soldier's wounds. After a few minutes the soldier's wounds started to close and he began to regain his complexion. The soldier woke up the next day and set out to return to help his comrades fighting. Tera decided it was also her time to set out from the village, shape her own opinion of the world, and heal whoever she meets along the way.