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There was a clearing in the forest a few miles east of the kingdom. He had went there a hundred times before to practice and was always alone.  Yet today, someone was already there and training. Angry that someone had taken his spot he began to approach the stranger. “Who are you and why are you in my spot?'' he shouted.

“I am Zara”, she replied, “ and if you have a problem with me being here I will duel you for this spot.” 


Zara had a playful personality by nature however, when it came to a fight she never backs down. Ike accepted the fight and drew his blade. However the battle did not go as he had hoped. Zara fighting had an elegance he had never seen before. Each one of her swings was refined and graceful. This match quickly became Ike’s loss. 


Upset at his defeat Ike got up and shouted “I am the great and noble Icarus and I wont lose next time” before storming off. The next day Ike woke up even earlier to go out and train but when he got there Zara had already started training. Hearing Ike approach her she turned and said, “you'll have to wake up even earlier and practice harder if you expect to beat me Ike.” “My name is Icarus”, he shouted back before drawing his sword and charging at her. Ike was knocked to the ground again before he could land a blow. 


Ike showed up everyday to the same spot for weeks and was defeated each time without even being able to touch Zara. Despite losing every match Ike could feel himself getting stronger. Finally, after a month Ike was able to land his first blow on Zara. Even though he still lost the match he was excited. Zara was impressed that he had finally managed to land a strike against her.


“Looks like little Ike is finally starting to grow” she said taunting him. Ike let out a laugh before telling her “when i beat you i'll make you call me by my name.” 


He wasn't sure when it started but Ike began to look forward to seeing Zara every day and training. After training with her for about a year Ike was finally able to evenly match her. However he still wasn't able to beat her.  One day after practicing Zara asked “what motivates you to keep coming every day and train despite losing every fight.” He turned to her and replied “My dream is to become the greatest knight in the kingdom.” Without noticing the smile on her face she said “I'm sure you will become a great knight someday.” That day Ike vowed that when he became a knight he would ask for Zara’s hand in marriage. 


The next few months became the happiest days of Ike's life. On his 18th birthday he became old enough to enlist. It was finally time to start achieving his dream. On his last day with Zara, he came closer then ever before to beating her but he still lost. While saying their goodbyes


Zara kissed him on the cheek and said, " you better not return unless you're a knight." Ike smiled and said "when I return I will be strong enough to beat you and I'll take your hand in marriage." 


The next few years became the hardest  of Iks's life. There were many days he thought he would be easier to give up but he kept pushing no matter what. Through his dedication and hard work Ike was able to obtain the title of knight. 


It had been years since he had been home. Ike walked through the forest with heavy feet nervous that Zara wouldn't still be waiting on him. As he came through the clearing he saw a girl practicing swordsmanship just as elegantly as the day he left. Hearing someone approaching Zara turned and asked, "who goes there"


Ike smiled and said, "you can call me Ike an Imperial knight of the kingdom."