If there was one thing Sakura hated more than anything, it was training. 


Every morning the elders would drag her out of bed at sunrise saying it was for training. They would force her into the arena and fight various creatures. The elders believed that by putting her in near death experience she would awaken her potential and be able to summon greater demons. If she could unlock her full potential the fallen moonlight clan would be able to rise again. However no matter how hard the training was Sakura could only summon lesser demons. 

Most days she would be defeated by the creature and only saved by one of the elders right before the beast took her life. Before her today stood a giant Saber-toothed cat with razor sharp fur. The creature walked around the edge of the arena looking for an opening to attack. Growing impatient of waiting the elders began chanting a spell and a bright light began to appear in the sky. Dozens of fire balls began to rain down where Sakura was standing forcing her to dodge and show a slight opening. 


The beast took this opportunity to lunge at Sakura and attempt to bite her .Before the beast teeth were able to reach her body a small black shield barrier appeared and protected her. Sakura breathed out a sigh of relief then began to glare at the sky above her. 


“You will never manage to beat the beast if all you do is stand there and defend” shouted one of the elders while the other two began to cast another fire spell. 

While evading the attacks from the elders, Sakura began casting a summoning spell. A magical circle appeared next to Sakura and three tiny imps appeared. The faces of the elders began to contort with anger as they saw the imps appear.  


“You were blessed by the gods yet you can only summon these lowly creatures. You are the biggest disappointment the clan has ever had” said one of the elders.


As the three elders began to chant another spell a bright crimson glow began to appear around Sakura and the best. A cage of fire began to appear around them leaving Sakura with little room to run. With no other options left Sakura began to attack. The three imps flew towards the beast as Sakura shot orbs of darkness at the creature. However the beast’s hide was too thick and it took little damage from her attacks. Enraged by her attacks the beast swiped out at the imps flying towards it turning them to dust.  


“Not good enough!” shouted the elder “are you even trying?”


“I'm doing the best i can. I will prove myself today” replied Sakura. 


Sakura started casting another spell and fire began to form at the tip of her staff. She pointed her staff at the beast and  balls of fire began to fly towards it. The blasts of fire left scorch marks on the creature but failed to leave a serious injury.The beast let out a loud roar and charged at Sakura. As it approached her it swiped it’s paw at her, breaking her barrier and knocking her against the cage of fire. 


“Perhaps you simply don't care enough about your own life” said one of the elders as a wicked grin began to appear on his face “maybe your sisters life will be enough motivation for you.”


A void appeared in front of him and he pulled out a young girl who looked like a younger version of Sakura. The young girl looked towards her sister with tears falling down her eyes. She attempted to fight back but her arms and legs were restrained with shadow bindings.


Sakura turned towards the elders and yelled “no i can do this just leave Yuki out of it you promised.”


Yuki tried to put on a confident face and shouted “You can do it sis i believe in you.“


While Sakura was distracted the beast lunged at her again. Sakura managed to put up another barrier in enough time to block the attack. However the beast kept attacking, not giving Sakura any room to attack. Finally her barrier was broken again and she was sent flying across the cage. 


The elders looked down in disappointment and sighed “looks like you can't do it” he said before dropping Yuki in front of the beast.


As Yuki fell she smiled towards Sakura and said “you were a great big sis no matter what happens i will always love you.”  


In that moment time stood still for Sakura, she began to pour all of her remaining strength into a summoning spell. It didn't matter what came out as long as her sister was saved. A cold breeze started to blow before the entire area was surrounded in complete darkness. The darkness left just as quickly as it came however there was four new figures that weren't there before.  


Sakura heard a deep majestic voice in her head  say “we have heard your call and recognize you as being worthy.”


A tall handsome man with long black hair and a pair of wings appeared flying in the sky while holding Yuki in his arms. The man simply waved his hand and the beast disappeared without a trace.  Behind each of the elders appeared a giant demon that grabbed them, dragging them down in front of Sakura. The mysterious man flew to Sakura and set Yuki down beside her.


“What shall we do with these three master?” asked the man. 


Sakura struggled to stand while looking at the elders “Looks like this worthless mage is good for something after all” she said “do what you will with them from this day forward i will be the one to decide my own future”. 


“No you can't do this we were only trying to help the clan” shouted the elders. 


Sakura grabbed her sister's hand and began to walk out of the arena as the sounds of the elders screaming could be heard from behind her.