Born a member of the Fallen Moonlight clan, Sakura was taught the magic of the underworld from birth. Sakura had a natural affinity to the dark arts and could even summon demons from the underworld to serve her. Her village would often refer to her ability as a gift from the gods and call her summonings as deities. The village elders would often make her train all day in order perfect this lost art.


Dreading the thought of staying inside and studying another day, Sakura decided she would sneak out to see the outside world. That night she summoned two lesser shadow demons to gather enough food and water for a few days. She didn't know how long she would be gone, but this was her home and she knew she would be back someday. Under the darkness of the new moon Sakura slipped out of the village. 


The clans village was secluded at the top of a mountain, however, Sakura was easily able to use transformation magic to give herself wings to descend from the mountain. After descending from the mountain Sakura decided it was best to find a place to sleep in and get an early start on her journey tomorrow. While sleeping at the top of a tree Sakura awoke to the sounds of a commotion and decided to go check it out. 


Sakura came to find a group of people standing around a wagon that had broken down. Excited to finally meet new people Sakura ran up to the wagon and asked what happened. Noticing the staff in her hand a middle aged man turned to Sakura and said “ The wheel on the carriage gave out, now we're stuck. Perhaps you can help us with some magic ?” Wanting to make some new friends Sakura quickly agreed and began casting a summoning spell. 


Out of the summoning spell came a giant Greater Demon who was easily able to lift the carriage with one hand. Sakura was pleased with herself and couldn't wait for her new friends to thank her. Sakura turned to the crowd to see them pointing in her direction and shouting “ Monster!”  before taking off and running into the forest. Scared that she was about to be attacked she quickly turned around and shot her magic out. Not seeing anything there Sakura breathed out a sigh of relief believing that she was able to scare off the monster. 


Since her new friends had left all their belongings Sakura decided to have the greater demon carry the wagon to the closest village they could find. After about an hour of walking Sakura found a village to drop the wagon off at. As Sakura approached the gate she heard bells ring and a group of guards running out, pointing their weapons at her. Then she saw the same middle aged man from before walked up and shout “ that's her she's the monster who summoned a demon to come and destroy us.” Sakura tried to ask what was going on but before she could say anything an arrow flew from the city gates and pierced her in the arm. Sakura began to weep from the pain of the arrow and the heartache of being called a monster. 


“Wait”, Sakura tried to yell with tears in her eyes but there were already more arrows flying towards her. “Silence you she-demon you will die here today”, a guard yelled before ordering the rest of the guards to charge her. Sakura became scared that she would die here today. Her mind became jumbled with thoughts of survival before going blank. When Sakura regained consciousness she didn't see any of the people from before who were trying to attack her. She was surrounded by Archdemons and out of the corner of her eye she could see a bright scarlet glow coming from the massive fire burning where the village used to be. 


Sakura sat there crying over what she had just done while thinking maybe she was a monster like the townspeople said.