Born in the elvish forest south of the Kingdom, Tera had little knowledge of the human society. The elves in her village always stayed away from the human kingdoms which were constantly at war with one another.

One morning while out looking for fruit she discovered a trail of blood. Thinking that an animal was in need of help she followed the trail to find a wounded soldier. The soldier was passed out covered in dirt and pressed up against the tree with a knife sticking out his side. Tera knew if this man wasn't treated soon he wouldn't make it. Not knowing what else to do Tera put the soldier on her back and began to carry him back to her home. However, as Tera arrived at the village she was blocked by the guards.

​”Look at his uniform girl, don't get us involved the human's war” said the guard “Just leave him in the forest to die.”

Tera knew of her village's problems with the humans but she didn't think it was this bad. She began to wonder if it was ok to leave an innocent person to die just because of their race.However, those thoughts quickly left her mind. No matter what happened in the past this human doesn't deserve to be left in the forest to die.

“Please just let me treat his wounds then i will bring him back to the forest” replied Tera

Tera began walking again and tried to force her way past the guards. Before she was able to make it past them she was pushed to the ground. As she fell the soldier was knocked off her back and sent rolling on the ground. Tera looked up to see the guards had drawn their weapons on her. 

“We don't want to hurt you but if you try to bring that human into our village again we will use force”

When Tera realized what had just happened she quickly got up and ran to pick back up the injured soldier. After confirming he was still ok she looked towards the guards with disappointment and sadness in her eyes. She didn't know if she would be able to get past the guards but she wasn't going to stop trying. As Tera began to charge towards the guards she heard a low strained voice in her ear.

“Stop. Leave me. I don't want to cause you trouble” 

Hearing this Tera stopped her charge and realized the soldier briefly woken but before falling unconscious again. Tera knew that if she tried to force her way through the guards again it would cause her a huge amount of trouble later yet she couldn't leave him to die. At that moment Tera decided she would return with the soldier to the forest and find the herbs to heal him there. 

After returning back to the forest Tera set the soldier up against a tree and went looking for any plants that might be able to help. Tera wasn't able to find all the plants she needed but she didn't have the time to keep looking. She returned to the soldier with what she had and began applying first aid. As time went by the soldier started to get worse. His body became cold as ice and his breathing started to fade. 

Without any other options left Tera remember the stories of how the ancient elves could call upon the power of nature for help. She put her hands together and began to pray. At first nothing happened but Tera refused to give up hope. As she continued to pray to nature she began to feel a surge of wind around her body and a faint warm glow coming from her hands. 

Tera began focusing on this new found power and put her hands onto the soldier. After a few minutes the soldier's wounds started to close and he began to regain his complexion. Within an hour the soldier became stabilized. Tera was proud of herself for what she had done but before she could celebrate she lost consciousness. 

When she awoke she found herself up against a tree and saw the soldier standing guard. He was no longer covered in dirt and she could finally get a good look at him. She couldn't believe how bright his hair was without all the dirt. As she started to move the soldier turned towards her and saluted. 

In a loud voice that echoed through the forest he said “Thank You! A Knight always repays their debts. If you ever need anything come and find me.”  

Tera gave the soldier a warm smile and said “If you really want to repay me can you show me the way to the nearest city. It's time I find out what the world is really like.”